Printing History

Recently our friend Carter Cue brought over a plate/block with an Aaron Douglas image on it and Supergraphic print specialist Raj Bunnag printed it up. Very cool to see it on paper (see below). Carter thinks the plate was originally printed in a magazine. Douglas was an important artist during the Harlem Renaissance and beyond. Great to see history coming to life through print!

Carter Cue watching Raj ink the plate/block

Carter Cue watching Raj ink the plate/block

Aaron Douglas

The Aaron Douglas print


Thanks to everyone who contributed to The New Supergraphic Kickstarter campaign. We met our goal and beyond. We’re now making plans to move all of the Litho Shop equipment down to Durham. We’ll be posting updates of our progress.


Spreading the Gospel of Print

We’re celebrating our two years in operation!!! We’ve worked hard to get to where we are and looking forward to great things in the future, including new editions from our production studio, more workshops and community outreach. Printmaking is alive and well in Durham!

Supergraphic print specialist Raj Bunnag spreading the Gospel of Print.

Supergraphic print specialist Raj Bunnag (left) spreading the gospel of print.

Supergraphic’s Brian Garner Explains Lithography

Here’s an excellent video of Brian explaining the lithographic process. Stay tuned for more from Brian and Supergraphic as we merge our studios.
The piece was produced by the Baltimore Museum of Art.


We can’t wait to have Brian Garner and Litho Shop moved in to Supergraphic. It’s going to be amazing what we’ll be able to do. Printmaking in North Carolina will never be the same! Stay tuned!


Supergraphic Teaming Up With Litho Shop

Supergraphic is super excited to announce that we’ll be teaming up with one of Baltimore’s most dynamic print studios, Litho Shop, starting later this fall. Our good friend and director of Litho Shop, Brian Garner has decided to relocate to North Carolina and he’ll be moving his whole operation into our space. We’ll continue to be called Supergraphic and Brian will be supervising all production and shop activities. Bill Fick will continue to be the Director and will focus on spreading the Supergraphic gospel. Once the studio is refitted with the new equipment (January 2015) we’ll be able to offer a full range of printmaking services including lithography, intaglio, relief and screen printing. Printmaking in North Carolina will never be the same! To learn more about Litho Shop check out Brian’s excellent Tumblr site Some stuff.


Paying Homage to the Print Gods: Printing Relief at Supergraphic

Check out this video by Supergraphic crew members Brian Gonzales and Raj Bunnag. Always good to pay respects to the print gods!


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